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%image_alt%Mountain Lion is officially available.  At $20, it should be a no-brainer.  If you have an iPhone or iPad, you’ll already be prepared for the iOS experience.  There are tons of new features and some reasons to forgo third-party apps for Mountain Lion.  We’ll do a quick run-through of the notable features and why you can even use the new Mac OS update over third-party apps.

Why go for the Mountain Lion upgrade?  Here are a few reasons why?

  • Game Center – You have this on your iPhone and now it’s on your Mac for easy blackjack and poker playing with friends.Mountain Lion features
  • Notes – Jot down some info and it syncs across all your devices for easy access.
  • Sharing – Share emails, messages, facebook, and other sections very easily with the share button.
  • Best backup yet – Time Machine has kicked it up a notch by allowing you to save to multiple external hard drives for redundancy.  Say good-bye to data recovery!
  • Text – Send a text message from your Mac to an iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, iPad, or another Mac.
  • Voice type – Dictate what you want to type just like Siri.
  • Notification Center – A page from the iPhone once again, you’ll be notified of the latest email, calendar, and social media updates.

Mountain Lion trumps some third-party apps out there too:

  • No more Software Update – This is all taken care of now in the App Store.
  • No more Evernote – Notes has taken over for note-taking.
  • Remember the Milk – Apple’s Reminders trumps this reminder app.
  • Mac antivirus? – Gatekeeper allows you to tweak your security settings so antivirus software is even less needed.
  • No need for DropBox and Sugar Sync – Just use iCloud integration for sharing and saving files to the cloud.
  • Bye-bye Adium – Hello Messages which does a great job of providing iMessage integration.
  • Instapaper – Safari has a read later option that does what this Apple support app did.

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