Is Safari better than Chrome and Firefox? New Safari browser review – Mountain Lion Safari review – should I use Safari?

Safari gets a new face lift with the roll-out of the Mountain Lion OS for the Mac.  Well, it’s almost like it stole the face of Chrome and Firefox and expounded upon it.  Well, steal, copy, or improve are all subjective terms.  Technology support products get better over time by copying a competitor’s secret sauce and making it better for the public to use.  Apple support has done it with its iPhones and now Google has come out with its Gigabyte Internet to replace the broadband industry’s service.

Here’s why Safari is better than Chrome and Firefox, and what it did to get there:

  • Adopted Chrome’s omnibox.  Start typing and the Internet address pops up after remembering it from previous searches.
  • Faster results.  More speed means a happy surfer.
  • Tabs fill up the whole width of the bar for easy viewing.
  • Get a preview of your multiple tabs before clicking on it.

That being said, I still like Chrome’s easy syncing ability to save all your bookmarks and customizations across devices for PC support, Mac support, and Android / iPhone support.  For me, I’m personally not sold yet that Safari is better although I feel forced to use it on the iPhone.

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