How to delete many Gmail emails – How to bulk delete in Gmail – Remove many Gmail emails

Gmail experts, New York Computer Help
Gmail experts, New York Computer Help

It sounds simple enough.  You want to delete several emails in Gmail.  Just highlight them all and delete, right?  Well, if you have many emails in Gmail you’d like to trash, this every-day IT task can be a bit of a hurdle.  Gmail doesn’t allow for bulk operations, such as mass Gmail message removals.

The reason for this is that conversations and and discussions typically get in the way when searching for a name or subject.  So, you’ll need to perform some computer tasks first prior to being able to mass delete, say, emails from your ex, spam email, and more.

Here’s the easiest way to delete bulk Gmail messages:

  1. Turn off Conversation mode.  Click the tool icon in top-right corner->Settings->General->turn Conversation view off.
  2. Search your email, name, or subject you’d like to delete.
  3. Click the Select button near the left of the Refresh button.
  4. Select all conversations that match this search link.
  5. Click the trash can icon.

Just five steps to become a Gmail expert at removing emails en masse.

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