Should I stick with the TimeWarner cable modem or buy my own? – Roadrunner cable modem or buy my own?

timewarner-cable-modemLooking for the best cable modem?  Best meaning the fastest and most reliable of course.  Well, deciding if you should stick with Time Warner’s cable modem or buying your own depends on a few factors.

Here are a few factors to consider when deciding whether you should stick with the Time Warner modem or to get your own:

  1. Are you a tech support guru or have easy access to an NYC computer tech Look, if you buy your own modem, you’ll need to set it up and support it.  Any tech issues, Time Warner will surely blame your modem so be tech proud or go home.
  2. Need for speed?  A store-bought modem from Best Buy or others will give you more speed than the Time Warner leased one.
  3. On the cheap?  The Time Warner cable modem costs up to $10 per month.  The store-bought modem costs $50 – 90.  Definitely cheaper to buy your own.
  4. Cable modem or all-in-one-modem-and-router?  Always get the stand-alone modem.  After modem setup, it is a dummy-device that just works on its own.  Get a separate wireless router, such as an Airport, that will be the best way to have the strongest wireless signal.

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