Should I buy an iPad mini or iPad – iPad mini versus regular iPad?

iPad-mini-vs-regular-ipadThe iPad mini is taking the tablet world by storm.  It’s cheap (cheaper), small, and portable.  It’s a no-brainer, right?  If you are stuck with this common dilemma, you’re not alone.  “Should I buy the iPad mini or regular iPad?”  Lots of customers have approached our NYC iPad tech team with this question.

Here’s our condensed answer:  “Yeah, why not?”  Here are factors to consider in making your decision:

  • Eyesight – If you have poor eyesight or like big icons, the standard full-sized iPad is more up your alley.  I’m not saying the iPad mini is too small, but the regular iPad is better for those with bad eyes.
  • On the run a lot? – Go with the iPad mini.  You can tuck it easily into your bag and sometimes big jacket pocket.  It’s really easy to move around with you.
  • Kids? – Bringing your iPad to dinner for the kids, the iPad mini is easier to move around and has good stands nowadays to work with.
  • Replacing your laptop? – Go with the regular iPad for a laptop replacement.  More screen area means faster processing.

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