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How-to-back-up-GmailGmail is online.  But what if the online world explodes!  Okay, the sky is not falling a chicken little is not knocking on our door.  But, it’s nice to feel secure.  Plus, if we have another Hurricane Sandy, it’s reassuring to know our data is safe offline.

Google, for the first time, has allowed Gmail user to download email and calendar data.  It has been on their servers, but due to high demand, users will now be able to download their data as a backup.  Since this time, you were only able to use third-party software to download or back up your Gmail info.

Here’s how to download a copy of your Gmail info:

  1. Go to Google’s data download page.
  2. Sign into your account.
  3. Click: Create an archive.
  4. You may download everything or certain calendars and Gmail labels

Why else would you want to download your Gmail?  If you want to export your emails and calendar to another email software program, such as Outlook.  This may be a good email solution if you’re not too fond of using the Gmail email service.  Keep in mind the email download phase is rather new for Google meaning that will be finalized by the beginning of 2014.  So, if it doesn’t work well for you now, be patient, and return to it soon.

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