How to switch from Gmail to – How to move from Gmail to – Easiest way to transfer Gmail to

So, you’re on Gmail like the rest of the world.  But, you’ve been there, tried that, and now want to move onto something else.  You tried the labels, the slick interface, and maybe even the Google Plus interface.  You’re not impressed and you’d like to move over to from Gmail.  More folders, more organization, and more peace of mind.

No worries, here’s the easiest way how to move from Gmail to

  1. Open up
  2. Click on the gear icon->More mail settings->Managing your account->Import e-mail accounts->GoogleHow to import Gmail into
  3. From the import email account page, click: Options and decide if you want to import into new or existing import tool for Gmail
  4. When prompted, authorize to access your Gmail account.Import complete e-mail

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