How to fix USB external drive problem – How to repair USB external hard drive – USB external hard drive repair how to

usb-external-hard-drive issue-fixYou’ve got an external hard drive problem.  It won’t connect or it makes sounds.  Whatever the case, you cannot access your important files, pictures, music, etc.

Fixing your USB external hard drive issue may be quick and painless or may require expensive heavy-lifting.

Here’s how to fix your USB external hard drive issue:

  1. Turn off and on your computer.  Hey, you may get lucky.
  2. Unplug and replug you USB cable connection to your computer and external drive.
  3. Replace your USB cable with a new one.
  4. Remove the hard drive from the case and install it in a new one.  Sometimes, the enclosure or power to it is the problem.  Installing the drive in a new enclosure with a new power source may fix it.
  5. If you’re still having issues, you’ll most likely need to escalate your external hard drive issue to a professional.  Bring it to a data recovery company for a free diagnostic.  If you have clicking or sounds coming from your drive, then you’ll need to get lab recovery performed where parts are swapped inside to get it functional enough for data recovery.

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