Crowdpilot – is it legal? – Listen to other people’s conversations

You can with just a simple app, Crowdpilot, listen to others’ live conversations.  This is done all through any smartphone.  The idea behind this is to allow others to give advice while you’re in mid-conversation, whether it be through a break-up, business meeting, or other important or actually not-so important convo.

Here’s how it works:

Install the Crowdpilot app.  Invite Facebook friends.  Start a smartphone call and allow others to eavesdrop in.  The eavesdroppers are supposed to notify everyone on the call they are on the call.  The eavesdropper(s) are able to hear the whole conversation through a live stream.

Is it legal?  It is only if the eavesdropper gives notice that he or she is listening in.  If not, then it’s illegal.  Of course, we all know that will not always happen given the intent.  Think of the implications if intentions are not good.  Yes, I love tech services and the evolution of where we are headed.  As much as I am all for more of a laissez-faire attitude with Internet regulation, there may have to be some regulations created here to ensure that nobody taps into your phones, well, at least other than the NSA.

For more information, you can watch the PIX 11 video of Crowdpilot.

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