News flash: iPad 2 is dead – the iPad 4 will now be the entry level iPad – iPad 4 repair NYC

ipad-4-replaces-ipad-2Looking to buy the iPad 2?  Well, you won’t find it in the Apple store any longer.  Apple has now decided to axe the iPad 2 as its entry level iPad in favor of the iPad 4.  That does make sense actually.  I was kind of surprised that the Apple support folks kept the iPad 2 online to buy for so long the way it was.  We have seen non-stop customers coming in with broken iPad 2 screens.

Now, the iPad 4 is the new low-level iPad.  You’re really not slumming when you buy it.  It has a retina display after all.  You only will pay $399 for it so you’ll save $100 – $200 from the more expensive price it was listed for before.

The new line-up the Apple store site offers is the iPad 4, iPad air, iPad mini and iPad mini with Retina display.  Keep in mind the iPad 4 is listed as the iPad with Retina display.

If you still want the iPad 2, you’ll still be able to find it off of eBay, Amazon, and other third-party sites.

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