Geek Squad (Best Buy tech support) vs. New York Computer Help – Who is better?

Should I go to Geek SquadHi, I’m in desperate need to fix my computer right away.  I need it for a presentation in 2 hours.  Geek Squad: That’ll be 4 weeks turn-around time since we need to ship it to a depot out of state.  New York Computer Help: No problem, we start fixing your computer now at our computer repair shop.

I am not one to talk poorly about the competition, but when other computer repair shops are not out for customers’ best interests and just make their situations worse, I will surely step in and advocate for the everyday consumer.  I’m a consumer too, like you, and have heard horror stories from folks who have gone to Geek Squad first and have since left them to become life-long New York Computer Help customers.

I know you want to hear the gossip.  So, here’s what scorned customers have said about the Geek Squad:

  • Brought my hard drive in for data recovery and they lost my hard drive!
  • Had a virus and they decided to just reinstall Windows.  Problem was they lost all my files.
  • My computer is still at their depot somewhere in the US.  It’s been 5 weeks already.
  • I asked to fix my computer.  Instead, they just pushed me to buy a new laptop.
  • They told me I need a motherboard replacement and I’ll I needed was to turn the power on.
  • They charged me $250 and my computer returned broken just like how I brought it in.

Look, we hear the bad remarks about the Geek Squad so I’m sure there are some positive feedback.  Maybe their store is warm and cozy.  Or perhaps their bathrooms have nice liquid soap.  I’m sure someone has something nice to say about them.  We just haven’t heard it yet.

In sum, do not go to the Geek Squad.  New York Computer Help is your only real choice.  Why? In two words, we care.

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