TimeWarner outage – what can you do to still have Internet although your TimeWarner Internet is down?

Internet down. What can you do?Hopefully, you learned something from yesterday’s TimeWarner outage.  Or maybe you’re just glad it’s over.  Whatever the case, you should be better prepared next time for an Internet outage.

So, the 5/9/16 TimeWarner outage across the United States including New York was caused by a third party contractor who mistakenly did a snip, snip to the wrong cable.  And this cable apparently connected most of the states linked up with good ol’ TimeWarner.  Doesn’t matter how, but the effects are what was most damaging.  No Internet, no TV, no phones.

So, what can you do to protect yourself from the next TimeWarner outage, or a different Internet provider outage?

  1. Have a backup Internet plan.  If you have TimeWarner, you can also buy a Verizon Internet connection and modem.  If TimeWarner goes down, then hook up your Verizon modem.  You don’t need to get the fastest and most expensive plan obviously.  Just buy the minimum high-speed DSL to have back-up.  This will save your computer office network or home office if disaster strikes.
  2. Can’t have any downtime? Buy a firewall.  A firewall that can handle two Internet provider connections will ensure that if TimeWarner goes belly up, it will recognize this failure and switch over to Verizon or another back-up Internet provider.
  3. What if TimeWarner is knocked out because you have no power?  Then, another provider won’t help either.  Instead, think about your devices.  Your iPhone or smartphone can be tethered as a hot spot for your computers.  Your iPad can be put on a data plan and set up immediately via your cell phone provider.  Do this on a 1GB or more plan so you can at least get on the Internet and have up to 5 devices piggy-back off of it.
  4. Serious disaster recovery plans?  Have a secondary office or ensure your office users can work from home if he office is down.  Store your files in the cloud so they can access them at home.

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