3 Best Apple TV tips you need to use now.

Best Apple TV tricksGot an Apple TV?  There are things you can do on it that you probably don’t know about.  Things that will make your experience more seamless and well, fun.

Let’s get to it.  Here are the 3 best Apple TV tips you need to use now:

  1. Be a better typer – Typing on the Apple remote can be clunky and a waste of time.  It’s not if you know how to work it.  Switch from capital and lower case letters by clicking the Play/Pause button on your remote.  Better yet, buy a bluetooth keyboard and pair it by going to Apple TV Settings->Remotes and Devices->Bluetooth and enter your passkey or PIN.  With the keyboard, you will be able to type and search online and for apps much easier.  As a hidden trick, you can download the Apple Remote App and type on your iPhone or iPad for your Apple TV.
  2. Lost the remote? Want another one? All you have to do is buy a third-party remote control and go to Settings->Remotes->Learn Remote and then you can use a non-standard remote.  This can come in handy if you want to use multiple remotes for a game, or if you just lost your primary remote.
  3. Mirror your iPhone or iPad – Great for sharing photos, watching movies, or just seeing your iPhone or iPad on a larger screen.  On your device, go to AirPlay and select the Apple TV you want to mirror your device to.

These three tips will make your Apple TV experience better and tech service friendly.  So, be happy your were able to set up your Apple TV easily, but don’t stop there.  Using these tips will take your Apple TV usability to the next level.

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