Need to buy a PC desktop for your parents? What to buy?

Dell desktop and monitorThe holidays are coming. It’s time your parents need a little extra love.  A little PC love that is.  If your parents’ PC is over 5 years old, it’s definitely a worthwhile purchase.  What’s even a bigger treasure than the new PC is you as the golden child coming over to your parents’ house to set it up.  This will give you guys some good TLC time.  But, of course, if you’re not tech-savvy, this will blow up in your face and make matters worse.  In that case, you should hire a trustworthy IT PC setup technician.

My recommendation is the Dell Optiplex as a solid PC desktop purchase for your parents.  Make sure to go with the 3-year onsite warranty so that any issues may be taken care of in the home by a Dell technician.  As for a monitor, I’d go with a 20 – 25-inch screen.  Anything over that my be too big to have on the desk.  Don’t go fancy with a wireless or bluetooth mouse and keyboard.  The last thing you want is your parents calling you that the keyboard doesn’t work because the batteries went dead.  Just go with the conventional USB cabled keyboard and mouse.  You’ll thank for me it later.


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