Why you should upgrade to Office 365. 3 Reasons to switch to Office 365.

office 365 migration planNot sure if you have the best email system?  Maybe you have Gmail, Google Apps, GoDaddy, or Intermedia.  Now is the time to upgrade to Office 365.  Don’t just switch.  Make the upgrade.  Yes, Office 365 is much better and I will share three reasons why.

Here are the 3 reasons to switch to Office 365:

  1. You get a boatload of storage! When buying the complete Office 365 subscription that includes Microsoft Office, you also get 1 Terabyte of storage.  That’s a lot!  This is what you can use to share files among your staff and co-workers.
  2. Like to Skype?  Yup, you get free Skype minutes.  You’ll get 60 minutes of free calling every month.  Not bad if you need to call internationally.
  3. Office 365 on your phone is seamless.  The Office 365 subscription allows you to view and edit documents from your storage drive.  It’s really like using Microsoft Word, Excel, and Outlook, but on your phone.

The Office 365 experience is really one of a kind.  If you are considering migrating / upgrading to Office 365, feel free to reach out to our email NYC experts who perform these email setups on a daily basis.

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