When do you know a phone call is a potential computer hacker?

how can you get hackedThis is one we get a lot of: “I’ve been hacked!”  Okay, got it.  We always backtrack to see what this hacker got in to the computer.  Gotta sleuth out the original penetration to know how to fix it.  Yes, I always wanted to be on CSI and figure out a crime scene.

So, what have been the stories we’ve heard regarding how our customers have been hacked?

  • “This is John from the Microsoft IT department.  You have been infected by a computer virus.”  Of course, I let them remote into my computer.
  • “This is Windows support.  You have is a vulnerability on my computer.”  I let them remote in.
  • “I’m Bob from McAfee.  You have a viral infection on your PC.”  I have a Mac, but maybe that’s infected too. OK!
  • “I’m calling from Norton.  You have a trojan.  I can offer to fix it for free.”  Thanks, much appreciated.

If it’s too good to be true that someone is helping you for free, it is!  Don’t believe them.  Hang up and by all means do not let anyone remote into your computer.  If you let anyone remote into your Mac or PC, if first of all should be someone you know.  Don’t ever let a stranger remote in your computer.  Would you let a complete stranger enter your home?  I’d suspect they’d make up some line also to get into your house, such as “I’m the repair man, your sink is leaking and I want to fix it for free.”  Would you believe him?  So, treat your computer the same protective way.  Avoid being hacked!

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