Got a Macbook virus? I thought Macs don’t get viruses.

Virus found on MacMacbook viruses happen people.

It’s no longer that PCs get viruses and Macs don’t.  Macs are just as exposed to those little nasties.  They are no longer a special breed that is invincible.

In fact, in personal tests (yes, for testing purposed only of course), I downloaded the same torrent on a PC and a Mac.  Both got infected, but the Mac was infected more severely and took more actions to remove the virus.  Plus, I got a pop-up to call a supposed virus removal specialist to remove it.  That was obviously a Mac hacker attempt that I laughed at.

What’s the take-away here?  When a Mac contracts a virus, it gets hit hard!

So, protect your Mac!  Don’t go running naked with your Macbook on the Internet.  That’s just reckless!  It’s also enticing to those evil-doers out there.

Our favorite antivirus software for Macs is Avast Mac Security software.  Grab yourself a license of Avast and protect your Mac and your identity as well!  If you need further help with your infection, you should seek out a local NYC Mac virus removal expert.

So, again, our favorite antivirus software for Macs and all PCs for that matter is Avast.  

There’s a promotion available for Avast now and you can get a discount here:


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