No more space in your Gmail inbox? – Here’s what to do – a New York Computer Help email tip

Gmail is free, right?  Well, heck yeah!  And you’ll even be rewarded with more space as you use Gmail longer and longer.  If you were one of the first to use Gmail, you probably have smurfloads of space. Otherwise, you are at least dealt 15GB of free space.

But, if you’re an email hoarder, you may be running up against your capacity of space in Gmail.  Please note that Google Drive, the online space area where you can store files, is also counted towards your limit.  So, when assessing your Gmail capacity, you’ll need to analyze the full Google ecosystem.

So, here’s how to fix your Gmail inbox space issue:

Find out where all your stuff is and remove unnecessary files.

Open up the Google Drive storage breakdown to see where most of your space is being taken up.  Then, you can remove any fluff you don’t need.

Upgrade your plan.  Don’t be cheap!

If you need Google for your stuff, whether emails or Google Drive, pay more.  It is just $2/month for 100GB and it goes up from there.

Purge your Gmail.

Gmail keeps all your mail.  So, if you have older folders or email, get rid of them.  Of course, if you’re scared to remove important correspondence or attachments, you’re back to needing to anty up for bigger storage.

The key is to do the necessary legwork to free up space.  If you don’t do this, you can be missing new emails which won’t have the space to be sent to you.



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