How to wipe out your old MacBook before selling it

how to wipe out old macbookLooking to upgrade for the holidays?  Got an old MacBook you want to sell?  There’s the quick whatever way.  And then there’s the still-quick, but more thorough way.  You know, the way where Mr. Hacker cannot access your bank accounts after you sell it to him?

So, you’re about to hand over or ship your MacBook to its new owner.  It’s been nice knowing ya!  We have many customers stopping in at our MacBook service center in NYC to perform this service.  It’s called a format, data erasure service, or the more casual wipe.  It ensures that your files and accounts are safe from a potential black hatter who wants to steal your identity.  We can ensure your files are written over 1,000+ times.  In technical terms, this government compliant data erasure service prevents anyone to accessing your files.

But, what if you want to wipe out your old MacBook yourself?  If high-level formatting isn’t necessary, sure, you can do it.

Here’s how:

Sign out of your accounts.

Go to iTunes->Account->Authorizations-Deauthorize this computer

Go to Preferences->iCloud->Sign out

Go to Messages->Preferences->Accounts->Sign out

Wipe it out.

Restart your Mac and press and hold Command-R.  This will allow it to go into Recovery mode so you can reinstall the Mac OS.  Erase, Format, and Reinstall MacOS.  Finally, sit back and wait for your old MacBook to finish its operating install.  You’ll be ready to then hand it over to the next proud owner of your MacBook.

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