Best Sites to Buy Cheapest Laptops – and Still at Great Values – Holiday Shopping Tips

Best sites to buy cheapest laptops

Need to buy a laptop for the Holidays?  Don’t get fooled by bad deals.  Here are the best sites to buy the cheapest laptops…still at great values.

You’ll want to check out the deals from the major hitters, the big five sites:

Best sites to buy the cheapest laptops at good value
  1. Amazon
  2. Walmart
  3. Overstock
  4. TigerDirect
  5. TechBargains

Yes, Amazon is still King but the four other listed websites are anxious to sell their inventories before the New Year.

So, it’s wise to check these sites for the best deals.  Price check between the five a comparable laptop you’re looking at.  For TigerDirect and TechBargains, you may be able to call up and ask for a better deal.  As for Amazon, Walmart, and Overstock, their prices are pretty much set in stone.

No need to buy an extended expensive laptop warranty.

These sites may ask if you want to extend your laptop warranty.  Say no! Why?  The manufacturer at least supplies a one-year warranty.  Plus, your credit card may even double the warranty in most cases.  You’re already looking at a two-year warranty without paying extra!  So, skip the bloated tech support options.  If you ever need help beyond your warranty period, it’s faster anyway to just stop into a local laptop repair shop for service.

Happy shopping!

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