Phone Running Hot? 3 Easy Steps to Fix it.

Phone on fire from overheating

We’ve all been here.  You’re working along on your iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, or another smartphone, when all of a sudden, your phone is getting hotter than normal.  Sometimes, it may feel like fire.  Whatever’s going on, your phone is running dangerously hot.  Way too hot to be safe.  So, what now? What do you do?

1.Put on your detective hat and find out where the heat is coming from.

The biggest culprits are the battery and the charging port.  Feel with your hand if the heat is coming from the battery casing.  Or plug in your charger and see if your phone gets hotter around your charging port when doing so.  You can easily replace your charger if that’s the issue.  If it’s the battery, you can replace it if up for the tech challenge.  Or you can see out a local phone repair shop to take care of this for you.

2.  Is your phone really overheating?  Or are you overreacting?

Generally, a phone’s internal temperature can reach up to 98.6 – 109.4 degrees Fahrenheit which is still considered a normal reading.  But, if goes higher, that’s when you may be in trouble.  You can check your iPhone temperature by using the Apple Battery Health menu which is in Settings->Battery.  You’ll find any issue with your battery here.  A better utility you can use for the iPhone and all Androids to check the status of your battery as well as all other small parts is the

Phone battery on fire - How to fix

You can take better care of your battery with these battery maintenance steps.

The big message here is act!  Don’t just say, “Oh, my phone runs a little hot, but it still works.”  No, those are famous last words there.  You really should take care of it before it’s too late.  Your phone heat is a message to get help.  Stop, drop, and roll!  Fix it!  Or get a phone repair shop who can!

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