Best To-Do List Apps for iPhone and Android

Get stuff done in 2019.

The beginning of the year brings the pressure to do things. Your resolutions. Your tasks. And let’s be honest. Things you didn’t do in 2018. Maybe you were lazy. Whatever the case, you didn’t do it. So, here’s a little push.

Here are the best to-do list apps to accomplish things in 2019.

Google Tasks

Google Tasks 2019 todo list apps

It works well on Androids and iPhones. As per Google’s typical design, it is ultra minimalist. You can create tasks, add descriptions, and set mark each complete.

Download Google Tasks for Android. Download Google Tasks for iOS.


Todoist app todo for 2019

This is a bit more advanced than Google Tasks. It’s got a serious following. Enter your task, deadline, priority, and organize into groups. Tick of the box when completed.

Download Todoist on Android. Download Todoist on iOS.


wunderlist todo app for 2019

One of my favorites. It’s like Todoist, but has an easier method of setting up new tasks and you can assign tasks to others. You know, defer your own responsibility. What’s cool is the premium version is now free so you have access to everything.

Download Wunderlist for Android. Download Wunderlist for iOS.

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