How to get the Cheapest Price on Amazon

Cheapest price on Amazon

Amazon is king. We all know that. But, with the right tech tool kit, you can ensure you get the cheapest price on Amazon.

Yes, Amazon has decent pricing. However, each product has a ton of competitors vying for your purchase. So, although one of the products from Vendor A is front and center at $20. There may be Vendor G with the same exact product for $15. Vendor G is not so prominent, but still the same product. How can you ensure you save these 5 dollars?

That’s where Honey comes in. Honey is a browser extension. Just add it to your Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, or another browser. When you’re on Amazon, it will point out the dirt-cheapest price available for what you’re searching for. Don’t worry, you can still use your Prime status with it. It also takes into account sales tax, shipping, and the product price.

Just wanted to provide this quick tech support tip in case you’re an Amazon junkie like me!

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