Lost or stolen computer equipment? You still have options.

how to get money from stolen or lost computer equipment

It’s probably the worst feeling. You bought a new computer, a laptop, phone, or any shiny electronic device. Then, you either misplace it or worse off, it’s stolen.

Apple used to help with this. Not any more. PC manufacturers also look away. You can’t really blame them. They would be inundated with false claims. So, they kindly post this kind of sign when customers inquire about what can be done:

But, you still can recoup your loss. With credit card purchase protection, you can guard against lost or stolen computer equipment as well as all purchases for that matter. What’s great is it’s already probably built into your credit card agreement. So, you’ll just need to pick up your phone and file a claim.

If you’re signing up with a new credit card, American Express (AMEX) typically offers the best computer support insurance coverage. Both AMEX and MasterCard allow you to file a claim up to 6 months past your purchase. They allow up to $1,000 per claim which is pretty decent. The best I’ve seen is either the AMEX Platinum card or the American Express Blue Cash Preferred Card.

It’s good to know about your credit card purchase protection in case the need arises. I had to recently use it when the AirPods gift bought for my sister-in-law got stolen from my luggage during a flight. It was pretty easy to fill out a claim and I got reimbursed within 10 days. Not bad and really didn’t involve more than 5 minutes of paperwork. It’s worth it, especially since computer manufacturers are not offering computer warranty support for reimbursement for lost or or stolen equipment.

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