Best Tech and Non-Tech Valentine’s Day Gifts

Looking to find the best Valentine’s Day gift for your loved one? Tech or non-tech, there are options. This year is the first year I’m introducing one amazing non-tech option. Why? My eyes hurt after looking at too much screen time. So, I feel we need to de-cable, de-tech, and just break it down to giving our eyes a rest once in awhile. Plus, a gift doesn’t always have to be techy for it too be cool. Alright, maybe just once in awhile.

Best Tech Valentine’s Day Gifts are:

Muama Enence

I’m digging this multi-translator device. After all, it’s taking me way too long to learn Hebrew and still attempting this. This device, allows you to speak into with your native language, say English, and then it spews out the unknown language, like Hebrew. A great device for learning a new language or really for business and vacation travelers who want to be able to speak easily to others.


I’m usually not a fan of gimicky USB thumb drives, but this one caught my eye. Plug in this USB drive and it will back up all your photos. It basically scours your hard drive for photos and instantly backs up all your photos. The best part about this is that it de-dupes all your photos for you. No more duplicates! Great utility. Plus, I’m not a fan of the cloud syncing that still leaves your hard drive full. This will allow you to make space on your computer afterwards.

Best Non-Tech Valentine’s Day Gift is:

100% Cashmere Beige Plaid Scarf

Best Cashmere Scarf for Valentine's Day Gift

Yup, a scarf. But, not any scarf. This scarf is as plush and soft as they come. And where others are thick and itchy, this specific one is thin and allergen-free. No itchyness and not overbearing. This company has nailed the cashmere scarf. Thin, but warm. Soft, but not too thick. No irritations. No issues. Just pure comfort. Design is beautiful too, coming in: beige, gray, pink/purple, and sky blue. And you may mistaken the pattern for a very famous luxury brand out there. But, you know what? This brand has become secretly famous on Amazon already. Now, the secret is out!

Bonus: Another non-tech Valentine’s Day gift is:

Luxury Beige, Red, and Black Plaid Tie

If you like the scarf design, you’ll love this tie design. Fashioned after a high-end company, but a fraction of the cost. This tie is sure to be a show-stopper. Certainly, it will be a conversation-starter. Buy this tie for your loved one or someone you want Cupid to aim a love arrow at for you. Just keep in mind this tie sells out fast so get it while it’s hot. Don’t be surprised if it’s out of stock already when you look for it. But, it always restocks quickly afterwards.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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