Get $200 off from Dell

If you have an American Express platinum card, now’s your time to cash in from Dell.

Dell $200 credit in 2020 for American Express Platinum cardholders

Thought I’d pass this tip along. I just found out about this when paying my bill the other day. If you’re a platinum member, you can get a $100 Dell statement credit when purchasing a Dell product through June 30, 2020. Similarly, you’ll also get a $100 credit for buying something from Dell from July 1 to December 31, 2020.

So, you’ll get $200 back from AMEX for purchasing Dell stuff in increments of $100. Not bad so I thought I’d share this.

Just make sure that you sign up first on the AMEX site in order to be enrolled. By the way, I get no commission or bear any liability whatsoever if you have issues. Once in a blue, I’ll pass along deals I think are great…and ones I will sign up for too. I’m planning to use this towards a computer, monitor, or Dell spare part as part of our Dell computer repair service…not sure what yet, but I’ve already enrolled and will be ready for this. Pretty good stuff.

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