Electric Scooter Battery Replacement – Where can you go in NYC?

Alright, so I’ll be the first to say we don’t have tons of experience in replacing batteries on e-scooters. After all, we just launched this e-scooter battery replacement service at the start of 2021. You may be wondering what’s a computer repair tech shop doing with battery replacements for e-scooters?!

Yup, this is typical of us. The answer is a fusion of being tech passionate and doing everything possible to help our customers.

Plain and simple, a customer came in with a dead e-scooter. She needed help and we weren’t going to say no. The battery died. We ordered a new one and replaced it. Now, most e-scooters are not the simple kind where it sits externally where you remove one screw. Most are deep inside where you have to deconstruct the scooter to get in there.

Why take on new service offerings? Why not stay in our lane of computer repairs?

Well, we’re not ones to be content with staying within the lines. When Apple was still putting out monochrome iPhones, we found a way to give color options to our customers. When DJI drone repairs were slow and overpriced, we undercut and sped up drone services. We even got involved in fixing multi-motherboard clocks for the MOMA. The clock one was just cool! So, when we see the need in an industry and also a way to whet our tech appetites, we’re gonna take it!

For e-scooters, it’s all the rage in the COVID-era. Plus, most customers assume their scooters are dead when they stop working. More times than not, the battery needs to be replaced. Surely, vendors bank on consumers buying another device. No need! You can extend the life of your scooter with a battery replacement. We’re happy to breathe new life into your ride next time it decides to stop working.

Here’s how to start the process with replacing your e-scooter battery:

Got any further questions? Walk in for a free diagnostic in NYC:

Outside NYC? Just mail in your device if in the US.

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