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Should I buy a laptop or tablet? – Is a laptop or tablet better – which is better, tablet or laptop


Should I buy a laptop or tablet?  Which one is better?  It’s a good question.  Nowadays, you can buy an entry level laptop just about at the same price as a tablet.  So, I’d like to walk you through when it makes sense to buy a laptop or tablet for your computer service needs.

Please see the below checklist which will determine which computer is the right one for you, tablet or laptop:

  • Need portability – winner, tablet
  • Need fast apps – tablet
  • Cheaper cost – tablet
  • Need to run Microsoft Office – laptop, exception is if you go with the Surface RT
  • Full fledged keyboard – laptop or buy an extra keyboard case with a tablet
  • Like apps? – tablet

Keep in mind a laptop is a laptop and a tablet is a tablet.  You can try to turn a tablet into a laptop with its pseudo-apps, but nothing will be quite like the real programs of a laptop.  And don’t think you can convert a laptop into a tablet with funky programs and configurations.  It won’t work.  Go for your solution and stick by it.  Embrace your laptop or tablet!

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