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Buy stamps online – online stamps vs post office stamps – is it cheaper to buy online stamps

Print Postage From Your PC
Let’s face it.  Going to the post office to buy stamps is very traditional.  Not to mention it is a big time waster.  There’s always someone in front of you who doesn’t know how to work the stamps machine, or needs personal assistance with her package.

Now, you can skip the archaic post office and print stamps right from your computer.  Don’t worry, you’ll even be able to weigh your envelopes and packages to meet the exact postage requirement. is offering a great package deal to get you started:

  • $25 in postage coupons
  • Free USB digital scale
  • $5 supply kit
  • 4-week free trial

All you pay is shipping and handling, and you’ll get this package.  If you go past the first free month, you’ll pay just $16/month.  So, if you’re a big shipper, or just are sick of going to the post office, this is a great tech service solution for you.  Please keep in mind that when you have the exact weight of your package, you’ll be saving the long-run by only paying for the weight.  Typically, we just bunch up multiple stamps to make sure it’s more than what is expected.  Having the exact amount will cut down on stamp overages.

Of course, I’m a big fan of the provided USB scale.  It literally queues right up to your computer and you’ll see what you owe.  Then, with the USPS software, you’ll be able to print out the required postage.  Another cool feature is being able to personalize your stamps with your own picture you select.  Very cool!  Don’t worry, tech experts need not apply here.  It’s a simple computer setup.
Your Photos on Real Postage

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