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Can I delete iTunes mobile sync backup? – Why is iTunes mobile sync backup taking so much space – Why is my C drive almost at 0 – Why do I have no hard drive space?

My C drive space was suddenly running dangerously low.  I didn’t have to look, my computer was alerting me to this.  I How to delete iTunes backupslooked for any non-priority programs and files I could get rid of.  I wiped away my cookies, temp folder, and temporary internet files.  Oh wait, let’s empty the trash.  Still, my hard drive was still really low.

Where was the stoppage at?  I found, after persistent searching, that there was an iTunes backup folder that was stopping up the works!  It was not found in the usual place though.

Here’s how to clear up you hard drive space by deleting the iTunes Mobile Sync backups:

  1. Go to C: drive or hard drive->Users-><Your profile name>->AppData->Roaming->Apple Computer->MobileSync-Backup
  2. Delete the oldest backups and leave the most recent backup file.  Or delete all and create a new backup afterwards.

That’s it.  Just deleting these backups could clear up 10GB+ of space like it did for me.  Most likely, you won’t even need these backups if you’re performing iCloud service backups.  But, it’s good to have at least one iTunes backup for Apple data recovery purposes.

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