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Can I install 2 anti-virus software programs? – Is it okay to install 2 anti-virus software?

install-2-anti-virus-programs-okInstalling anti-virus software is required to prevent computer viruses Plus, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that you have computer spyware and virus protection.  Now, why not double-down and throw on two anti-virus software programs?  Won’t that ensure you are double-protected?

Theoretically, it makes logical sense that the more anti-virus protection you put on your computer, the more secure you’ll be.  The one downfall which is a big one is that it will make your computer very, very slow and possibly cause processing and computer start-up issues.  When an anti-virus software is running, there is always a real-time scanner and updater in the background.  When there are two of these, they usually collide, causing registry issues, boot issues, and overall processing is delayed.

There is an exception.  Windows 8 actually comes with its own anti-virus software, Windows Defender.  Quite frankly, Defender is as useless as Microsoft Security Essentials is, a free anti-virus software Microsoft installs on Windows 7 and any other PC you’d like.  You can actually install another anti-virus software with Defender or Essentials because it does not have real-time protection while a paid version does.  So, there will be no background conflicts.  Just make sure your software is a paid version which has the real-time element in it and you’ll be fine.  In effect, you can really remove the Defender or Essentials program and replace it with a paid version, such as Trend Micro, Norton, or Avast, which will be all  you need.

In the end, you just need one good anti-virus software that will do the job right.

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