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Can I replace my laptop with my iPad – transfer files to iPad – Can I transfer computer files to iPad

Can I transfer my computer files to my iPad? This question arises a lot due to the need to want to cram everything on a smaller device. We are on the move and need to be from place to place faster. So, an iPad meshes with our lifestyles better than a clunky laptop. But, the question still arises that toy with everyone’s minds. Can the iPad replace the laptop or desktop computer?

The simple answer here is no. And the simple reason is that the iPad has a different operating system, the iOS. PCs have Windows operating systems and Macs have Apple operating systems.

Now that’s cleared out of the way. But, the gray area is that Macs have apps, the same apps that may be used on the iPad. Those apps may be used on both so that the computer and iPad are interchangeable. In terms of computer support programs, such as Microsoft Word and Excel, you can only mimic these programs on the iPad with viewers and minimal editors. That’s where the iPad is lacking regarding Office productivity. This aspect is really missing and it shows. Music and photos are obviously no brainers with iTunes.

The easiest way to make the switch from an everyday computer to an iPad is to store your files in the cloud. It is very easy to cap out of your storage and some files are not able to be copied over due to the no compatibility of the iOS format. Plus, it’s wise to have a good online backup to guard against data recovery.

A benefit of the iPad is you don’t have to worry about installing an antivirus software. No viruses have infected iPads. But, viruses have affected programs on the iPad, such as Facebook. So, don’t think you’re fully in the clear.

All in all, the iPad is a great device to carry around with you for Internet browsing, email, watching videos, listening to music, and light document viewing.

We’ll get there soon in the future with being able to run normal programs for iPad support, but we’re not there yet. Until then, you’ll need to realize that the iPad is still not yet a computer replacement. Sure, you can make it look like a laptop by hooking up a Bluetooth keyboard and propping up the iPad, but functionally, we still need to be patient as that critical aspect will come soon.


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