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Can I upgrade my laptop processor? – Laptop CPU upgrade – laptop processor upgrade

New York Computer Help - PC / Mac upgrade IT support
New York Computer Help – PC / Mac upgrade IT support

Your laptop is running slow.  Slower than molasses slow.  Web pages take a while to load.  Even word documents are painfully slow.  You’ve already upgraded the RAM.  Now, can you upgrade the processor, otherwise known as the CPU or major speed part of your laptop?

9 times out of 10, you cannot upgrade the processor on your laptop The reason is that the computer support manufacturer hasn’t make a compatible upgrade.  Further, it behooves the manufacturer to just come out with a higher end laptop model for you to achieve to.  More models equals more sales.  On a technical support end, the laptop architecture and motherboard is only compatible with one processor or CPU.

On the desktop support side of things, the processor is typically able to be upgraded.  Yes, you’ll need to ensure the RAM and system board are compatible, but that’s usually feasible with a little planning.

If you’re thinking of giving your laptop a speed boost, make sure you upgrade the RAM and make sure your computer is clean of computer viruses and spyware That’s the most efficient way to succeed and speeding up your laptop to the fastest possible.

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