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Can the police arrest someone for creating a computer virus? – NYC computer virus removal support

remove FBI virus / ransomware nyc - nyc fbi virus removalThis has been a bone I’ve picked for a while.  Thousands if not millions have been infected with computer viruses As customers come to our NYC computer virus removal shop to get their Mac and PC viruses removed, we seem to always agree on one thing.  We both cannot stand the virus creators and think the book should be thrown at them.

Unfortunately, the Internet has always blurred the line of reality, prompting doubts from lawyers and regulators to wonder if any Court of law would actually go far to convict such an offender.  Sure, in extreme cases of national hacking with government sites, when the case becomes a federal liability, it escalates and becomes prominent enough to chase after.  But, the plain-Jane computer virus creator who infects thousands of computers can just get away scot-free?!  What’s up with that?

We can now put one notch up for the good guys.  The popular virus that is dressed up as an FBInyc computer virus service warning, government warning, illegal child sex abuse or similar has now been put on ice.  Specifically, the eleven virus creators behind it have been tracked down!  This ransomware virus has asked the user to pay a fake fine to the appropriate law enforcement agency.  If paid, the virus creator that steals data and info from the computer.  Although the fine asked for anywhere from $50 – $250, the numbers have added up to over $1.3 million dollars!  This has been going on since the ransomware was created in May of 2011.  They would also go as far as attaining compromised credit and debit cards, and withdraw cash from ATM machines.

The head of the virus creators, a 27-year-old Russian guy, was arrested in the United Arab Emirates and currently awaiting extradition to Spain.  He performed most of the illegal virus activity in Spain so the case will be held there.

I’m very happy to see that the daily garden-variety computer virus creator is now being put on notice and targeted.  Hopefully, this will continue to be the case and computer virus infections will reduce and we can all get back to work again!

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