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Can you defrag and maintain a Mac like a PC?

Let’s start by saying there is no specific disk defragmenter program on the Mac like what comes with Windows.  This is because Apple notes that its system doesn’t fragment files.  Thus, it doesn’t need to prioritize moving around the fragmented files.  If this doesn’t make sense, we’ll back up.  Defragmenting a PC is necessary occasionally since files are saved in a fragmented manner.  Basically, files are saved in pieces on a first-in basis.  Over time, when you use certain programs more than others, such as Internet Explorer or e-mail, you’ll want to re-prioritize these fragmented files to the front of your hard drive so they are faster to access.

Apple does provide a disk utility function that you may search for.  This will perform many hard drive tasks, such as looking for physical and directory errors, and then look to fix them.   And if you don’t run anything, Apple says that its computers run automatic self-computer maintenance between 3:15AM – 5:30AM in the morning.   So, try to leave your computer on for hands-off operations, and computer repair.

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