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Can’t find software that came with your computer or camera? BitTorrent it with caution!

It is not easy to store all the software that came with your computer from 3 – 4 years ago.  Or is it just as difficult to remember where your camera software is hiding from years ago.  There a few ways you may find this type of computer software.

  1. If under warranty, call up your manufacturer and they’ll send you the software for free.
  2. If out of warranty, you can first see if the software is available on the computer or equipment website.
  3. If not on the website, you can do a general Google search for the software you’re looking for.  It might be on a third-party site.
  4. If all else fails, you can download BitTorrent and search within this site for the software.  This site stores software others have uploaded for general use.  However, BitTorrent does also store viruses and spyware, so use this site with caution.

Overall, it is a good rule of thumb to designate a place for all of your software disks.  That way, you can always be sure to refer to this software archive when needed.

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