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Can’t stand typing on the iPad? Here’s your solution. – nyc ipad repairs

The iPad is the latest phenomenon. Its is quick, beautiful to look at.  It’s practically a work of art and a computer at the same time.  The most popular iPad issue I hear customers complaining about is the ability to type on %image_alt%it.  Or the lack there of.  For those customers who never experienced the fun of an iPhone, they’re not used to typing on glass.

Instead of typing directly on the iPad, you can instead use any of the following gadgets to make your life easier:

  • iLuv iCK826 – It’ an all-in-one iPad leather case and bluetooth wireless keyboard that can hold a charge for up to 1 month.  Cost ranges online from $60 – $130.  This feels like a real laptop keyboard and can hit the typing comfort zone you’ve been looking for.
  • Logitech Keyboard Case – Similar to the iLuv’s case, but thinner, and slicker in silver.  You can prop of your iPad%image_alt% as a stand with it and type away on a portable keyboard.  It will feel like a mini version of a desktop keyboard.  Lists for $59 – $100.
  • Apple Bluetooth Keyboard – If you already like your iPad support case or cover, then just connect your Apple support keyboard and away you go!  Or buy an extra one ($69) for less hassle. You can use this with the $30 iPad 2 dock for stability if you don’t already have a cover or stand.

Now, you have no excuse to buy an iPad.  I prefer the Logitech Keyboard Case, but if you already have the Smart Cover, then going with the Apple bluetooth keyboard will work perfectly fine.

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