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Chameleon Wi-Fi virus removal – virus removal NYC – NYC virus removal

Chameleon-virus-info-removal-nycThe new kid on the block is the Chameleon Wi-Fi virus.  It jumps from public Wi-Fi to you computer…if you’re not protected by anti-virus software.  Mainly, you can get it from cafes and airports that offer free Wi-Fi.  Such free Internet services are a big target for computer hackers.

The Chameleon virus is designed to attack open Wi-Fi networks and subsequently spread to computers connected to it.  How it attacks is through the inherent vulnerability in anti-virus software.  In layman’s terms, antivirus software generally looks for viruses on computer and the Internet, not publicly-used Wi-Fi networks.  Chameleon exploits this lack of protection and goes straight for Wi-Fi networks that are public and open.

What does the Chameleon virus do?  It can cripple your computer, slow it down to a crawl, and also slow down the entire Wi-Fi network.  It has been compared to the common cold that can infect computers by the air like with people.  Pretty scary.

What can you do about it?  Since all Wi-Fi routers are susceptible to this attack, you should password-secure your wireless router as well as your computer.  If you go on a public network, make sure you anti-virus software is up to date and only go on known, secure websites.

If you do happen to get infected by this virus, New York Computer Help is the best chameleon wi-fi virus removal service in town.  It’s a new virus, but we already have had the pleasure of eradicating it.

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Outside NYC? Just mail in your device if in the US.


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