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Change iPhone to pink! Convert your iPhone color to pink.

Yes, that’s right.  If you’re prettier in pink, or if you think your girlfriend, wife, mom, aunt, cousin, or friend might like pink, then you can take your iPhone to the next level in pink.  As a very select service, New York Computer Help changes iPhones to different colors, including pink.  This includes the actual parts of the iPhone, the front glass, back cover, and home button.  This is not just some casing, but the real authentic Apple parts.  The change iPhone to pink service is currently going for only $189 when mentioning Code: PINKBLOG, including changing your front, back, and home button to pink. 

You can actually mix and match if you prefer.  If you’d like to go with a pink front, pink back, and black or white home button, that’s your perogative.  My wife went with the pink front and back, as well as a white home button.  This looks pretty cool with the white home button offering a nice contrast with the pink.

Lots of folks have been coming in to change their girlfriends or wives’ phones.  The best part is that it’s a surprise where they don’t even know it.  Of course, they didn’t buy his and hers pink iPhones.  Instead, the guys mostly went with dark blue, light blue, or other colors which may be chosen also.  Some folks have decided to take the color conversion iPhone service when their iPhone glass broke or had another iPhone issue.  Whatever the reason, it’s a pretty cool look if I do say so myself.

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