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How to Check if My Laptop Battery is Failing? – Plugged in, not Charging

laptop battery test statusLaptop batteries certainly fail over time.  You may one of those who grin and bear it if something doesn’t last as long as it used to be.  And maybe you’re this way because why take extra steps.  If something is failing, let it fail until it doesn’t work any more.  Right?  Well, yeah, I suppose you can let life take its curves and bumps.  And you can just go along for the ride.  But, why suffer if you don’t need to.  Why not find out your exact status of your battery?!  Why not let that propel you into living a proactive lifestyle.  When will my whole computer die?  When will my light bulb stop, well, lighting up?  You know, take charge!  See when you stuff around you may be kicking the bucket.

Alright, let’s not get out of control here.  Let’s focus on your laptop battery status for now.plugged in not charging

Here’s how to check if your laptop battery is failing:

What does your computer tell you?

For a PC, check the bottom-right.  On a Mac, check the top right.  Does it show that it’s charging?  If not, then there’s a problem.  If it give you that ‘x” icon that it’s not charging, your battery, charger,  or dc jack port that connects to the charger may be the issue.

Install a free battery status software to check.

Here’s a solid Windows battery status check software: NirSoft

windows laptop battery third party software check tool

You can check your MacBook battery by going to: your Apple Menu->System Information->Hardware->Power and then check your cycle count and condition.  Newer models can handle up to 1000 cycle counts.

Why would you battery fail?

Old age is the obvious culprit.

After many cycles, just like your phone battery, your laptop battery does not hold as much as a charge.  It’s simple science really.

Another culprit is heat.

We’ve seen many imploded batteries that expand due to high heat inside of the laptop.  When this happens, the battery will typically fail immediately.

So, if you find your laptop battery failing, take control and replace it!  If you’ve replaced it already and still having problems, then you should get a free laptop diagnostic to determine if it’s an issue with your charger, DC jack, or something else.  And remember, when replacing your battery, always make it a point to get the original battery to replace it with.  Third party knock-offs will either not work or possibly cause damage.

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