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Common Mac issues and how to fix them – Easiest way to fix my Mac – How to fix my Mac – Steps to fix my Mac – Mac fix NYC – Mac repair NYC

most-common-mac-issues-easy-fixesMacs are great.  They’re like the Mercedes of the bunch.  While other computers may be less money, Macs are long-lasting, fast machines.  But, if your Mac goes belly-up or is a slow-running MacBook, or perhaps has some awful looking gray or blue screen, you need to do something about it.

What’s the easiest way to fix my Mac is a common question?  The question to that question is:  What symptoms are you experiencing?  Also, are you savvy enough to act as a Mac expert to resolve your own Mac issue?  Well, you wouldn’t be reading further here if you didn’t feel capable.   So, lets’ press on, shall we?

Here are some common Mac issues and symptoms and the usual suspected fixes:

  • Mac is slow – Unplug all cables, i.e. printer usb cable, iPhone cable, USB flash drive, restart and see if that fixes your issue.
  • Mac won’t go on the Internet – Make sure you’re on the right wireless network.
  • iMac keyboard won’t work – Change the battery.
  • iMac blue or gray screen – You’re in trouble.  There’s either an operating system issue or hard drive problem.  Go to a local Mac repair shop.
  • Mac is making grinding noise.  You’re also in trouble.  You likely have a hard drive issue requiring Mac data recovery.

If it’s not a simple fix, and you don’t feel comfortable fixing it, don’t!  We’ve helped customers that have made their Macs worse by trying to be overnight Mac fixers.  It’s not pretty and is usually more costly in the long-run.  Bring it to a Mac specialist if you need further assistance.

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