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Computer is out of space. What should I do? PC/Mac repair NYC tips

Computer out of space fix in NYCGot a computer that is nearing its hard drive capacity?  Maybe it’s running slower or just sending you the obvious error of “Your computer is running out of space.”  Whatever the case, you better get a jump on it before your PC or Mac runs to a crawl, or at its worst not start up at all.

Here are some of the quickest way to increase your computer hard drive space:

  1. Empty your trash.  There’s not telling how much stuff is in there.
  2. Dump your download folders.  You know the programs, movies, and other stuff you might have downloaded from last year.
  3. Remove your temp folder.  This is under your Profile and is a history of where you’ve surfed on the Internet and your computer.
  4. Archive stuff you don’t need.  Move photos from decades ago to an external drive or cloud account.  Basically, keep you computer lean and mean, saving stuff you don’t need day-to-day elsewhere.

If you find yourself still running out of space after trying these four steps, you can be more aggressive and look to upgrade to a bigger hard drive.  You may want to see out a computer repair expert in NYC for that job.

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Outside NYC? Just mail in your device if in the US.