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Looking for a great computer repair service company in NYC?  Let’s face it.  It’s not easy to come by.  Computer repair technicians get a bad rep in being too late, too cocky, and too techy.  Well, that’s why New York Computer Help was started in 2000.  To end the I’m-too-good-for-you-attitude.  Our attitude, or lack there of, is always checked at the door and if anything, we’ve been described as too humble.  Late, not us.  That’s why we only provide the actual time we’re due to be onsite.  If we’re not sure, we’ll let you know or provide a 2-hour range of expected arrival time.  Too techy, not us.  We pride ourselves on relaying easy, simple, straight-forward information.  We also dedicate ourselves to not only fixing your computer repair issues, but consulting on the best IT solution going forward to you can possibly prevent the same IT issues.

Why am I self-promoting my company, New York Computer Help?  I feel like there’s been a lack of professionalism in today’s IT techs.  Call it laziness, subpar tech skills, or just plain apathy, I’m not sure what it is.  It just gets me frustrated to hear customers’ sob story regarding how they’ve been scorned by other NYC computer repair companies.  Look, there’s enough business to spread around, I’m not happy to have our techs take sloppy seconds.  I’m just putting other tech companies on notice to either shape up or get out of the IT industry.  If the companies have any shred of decency and morality, they should know if the computer repair business is for them.

Why am I still standing on my soapbox?  I started New York Computer Help in 2000 because the big stores, CompUSA, Geek Squad from Best Buy, and TekServe were really letting down customers.  Turn-around times grew to 3-4 weeks, repairs weren’t really fixed, and customers were pushed to just buy products versus service their machines.  I personally went out to homes and businesses to provide honest, professional computer repair service.  I’ve been fortunate to grow my 20+ team with spectacular, well-experienced and most importantly, honest, trustworthy, and caring technicians.  I like to think of ourselves as the white-hatters in this mixed pool of computer repair companies.  I’m plugging New York Computer Help because I truly feel we are the best computer repair service in NYC out there.  Yelp, Google, Angie’s List, Yahoo and Citysearch seem to think so too.

The next time you’re looking for pure, honest, and expert computer repair service in NYC, we at New York Computer Help hope to retain, earn, and preserve your business.  New York Computer Help, 53 East 34th Street, NYC.  212-599-0339.

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