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3 simple things every computer user should know how to do – Easy how-to computer steps to do now

computer-maintenance-computer-tasks-nycYou got a new computer or you’re trying to be more up on your own computer.  Whatever the case, there are three important things you should do right now.  Everything else is fluff.  Do these three things and you’ll be able to sleep well at night knowing your computer is okay.

Here are the three tasks you should do with your computer now:

  1. Back up!  I can’t tell you how many times customers come in with their crashed computers and I ask, “Have you backed up your files?”  And the response is a sullen look and sad, “No.”  Back up your files now.  If you have a back-up, make sure it’s working properly.  My motto is to back up your files and then run your computer into the ground.  The online route is the recommended approach.  Yes, you can back up your files with an external hard drive, but will you remember to plug it in all the time or when you need it?  Also, there are many external hard drive failures as well.  In short, they can fail too.  So, set up an online backup.  You can use DropBox, Google Drive, Mozy, or my favorite, Carbonite.  It will take awhile for the first back-up, possibly even up to 2-3 weeks.  But, afterwards when it backs up new changes to files, a.k.a. incremental back-ups, it will be zippy.  Back up now!
  2. Install anti-virus software.  Do you have anti-virus software?  If so, check the subscription.  Many customers do, in fact, have anti-virus software, but it was only a 3-month free trial when buying the computer and the subscription has since lapsed.  When it has expired, that means it is no longer protected from the latest viruses.  My favorite is Avast.  You can get a one-year free subscription to Avast.  I used to like Norton, but it’s too clunky and slows down the computer.  Avast simply does the job and doesn’t take over your computer.  Install free Avast anti-virus software now before computer virus pop-ups, trojans, and malware take over your computer.
  3. Perform computer maintenance.  Your computer needs ongoing love just like your loved ones do.  For Windows computers, install Glary Utilities which will do everything for you.  It will install your Windows updates, remove temporary files, clean up your disk space, erase history, uninstall unnecessary programs, remove broken shortcuts, and it does a slew of other things that lets you operate on auto-pilot.  For Macs, you can use CleanMyMac which operates similarly, freeing up space and speeding up your Mac.

Performing these must-do IT tasks will put you in the driver’s seat, making you a proactive and smart computer user.  If you feel like your computer has a system issue that requires professional computer repair service, then feel free to contact New York Computer Help for further assistance.

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