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Cool gadget – transparent toaster – computer gadget inventions

%image_alt%There are some cool inventions that haven’t been brought to market yet.  These concepts, such as the transparent toaster, are usually sold overseas in test markets first before coming to the US.  The transparent toaster’s design is a beautiful glass design where you can see your bread toasting before your eyes.  No more fires or burnt toast.  You can monitor exactly how you want your bread to be toasted.  This type of functional design is one of those, “Yeah, I should have thought of that” designs that Inventables has plenty to have you Oooh and Aaaah about.

Invetables is a website that showcases all of the slick designs that combine form and function in a flawless finish.  No, I’m not contracted by them to write this piece of you’re wondering.  I just think their site is really cool.  The downer is that lots of these inventions are not out yet although you might find knock-offs from other sites.  However, you will be able to contact most of the vendors of the products on this site to ask questions, maybe get samples, and see how you can further get the product.  You can find anything from computer support gadgets, to velvet cups and electronic cooler / heaters.

Of course the tech support with this stuff is either hit or miss, meaning they’ll either work or not.  Nonetheless, this is a cool site to check out for the latest inventions.

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