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“Coolest” laptop you’ll find – Acer Switch Alpha 12 liquid cooling laptop

Coolest laptopWe all do it.  We place our laptops on our laps and it fries our leg hairs or leg skin depending on your grooming habits.  Well, Acer has listened to our steaming, hot complaints and has done something about it.

The Acer Switch Alpha 12 is pretty standardized as for its normal RAM, processor and hard drive specs.  But, it stands out with its cooling system.  It has a liquid cooling system and a fanless design.  The heat caused from the device powers the cooling system which keeps temperatures down.  Since there is no actual fan, all is quiet when working on this Acer.

Best of all it’s just $599 which is reasonable considering it is a half-tablet, half-laptop.  You can call it half amazing.  It’s got a 12-inch screen and kickstand which is odd for a tablet, but okay, why not.  In any case, if you’re sick of your laptop singing your legs, this is your next laptop to order.

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