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Craziest iPhone issue / break stories – Craziest iPhone screen crack / break stories – NYC iPhone repair

As your favorite NYC iPhone repair shop, we hear some pretty crazy stories on how broken iPhones have gotten to the level they’re at.  We are not one to judge and we welcome all the cause-and-effect storylines.  Hey, it adds character to the iPhones and we love a good story.

Here are the best and sometimes craziest iPhone drop stories we’ve heard:NYC iPhone screen repair

  • Going for the toilet paper after a number 2 and whoops, splash!
  • Kid used it as a hockey puck and slap shot it against the wall.  Penalty!
  • Girlfriend sat on iPhone while it was on the wood floor, and crack!
  • Man took a swim with the phone for 1 hour in the pool.  Water bogged!
  • Guy tried to see if his Otterbox case really worked.  Answer:  Nope, crackalicious!
  • Cat peed on it.  Ewww!
  • Drunken partying resulted in wine spill.  This has happened on more than one occasion with different drinks of choice.

Most iPhone drops are from butterfingers, the drop of the iPhone while walking on the street.  You can try to prevent slippage by putting a bumper or case on your iPhone.   Whatever the iPhone repair issue, don’t worry, New York Computer Help will be able to fix it at 53 East 34th Street in NYC.

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