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Creating a Newsletter on WhatsApp – Here’s How

Sending a newsletter through WhatsApp can be very practical. On one hand, it allows individuals to send a message simultaneously to up to 256 contacts without having to type or copy the message individually. 

On the other hand, this feature provides businesses or self-employed individuals with the opportunity to reach their customers directly and personally. Although Meta banned the sending of commercial messages on WhatsApp in 2019, this has been possible to some extent since 2021.

Creating a newsletter is easy using the Broadcast feature:

1. Open WhatsApp and tap on the three-dot menu in the top right corner.

2. Select “New Broadcast.”

3. Mark the contacts in your contact list that you want to add to your newsletter. You can select up to 256 people.

4. Now, the broadcast chat will open. Messages you compose here will be sent individually and simultaneously to all contacts in the broadcast.

From the perspective of your contacts, they will receive a message that appears in the regular chat with you. If they respond, the message will also appear in your personal chat.

Are WhatsApp Newsletters GDPR-compliant?

Yes, WhatsApp newsletters are GDPR-compliant, especially when using the Double-Opt-In method.

First Opt-in

The user clicks on a Call-to-Action (CTA) on your website or scans a QR code that leads to your WhatsApp channel and initiates a chat.

Second Opt-in

In the chat, the user affirms the message, which again prompts them to confirm that they want to receive messages from your company.

WhatsApp Newsletter Tool

A good WhatsApp newsletter tool allows you to collect essential opt-ins/double-opt-ins automatically through an automated workflow from new subscribers.

If you want to take it a step further, you can create different opt-ins for various marketing campaigns and later filter your subscribers based on these campaigns.

Advantages of WhatsApp Newsletters

1. High Visibility and Open Rate

The significant advantage is that your subscribers receive messages via WhatsApp. This ensures a remarkable open rate of 90%, meaning you can be confident that your messages are actually being read.

Instead of collecting email addresses for your distribution list, you’re therefore seeking phone numbers for your contact list.

Here are the statistics:

– Over 50% of all users open WhatsApp daily.

– On average, 98% of all messages are opened (90% for messages from businesses).

– Over 50% of all users state that they prefer to buy from companies they can reach through WhatsApp.

2. GDPR compliance

WhatsApp and the GDPR is a topic on its own. Make sure you use a professional WhatsApp newsletter tool, if you want to use WhatsApp as a business in a GDPR-compliant way.

Start Your Own WhatsApp Newsletter Now

Reaching customers where their friends are has never been easier.

WhatsApp newsletters provide an innovative way to connect with new and existing customers, build a strong community, and convert customers more effectively than traditional email marketing.

And the best part: WhatsApp newsletters are uncomplicated and straightforward. The team at Chatarmin makes it easy for businesses to start with WhatsApp newsletters: from creating seamless automated opt-in flows and providing clear performance analytics to assisting with the visual design of WhatsApp newsletters.

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