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Customize your own PC

Provide your requirements. Dream your design. We will personalize a unique computer. Just for you.

Who is this for?

Create your own customized gaming experience with us! We will provide recommendations and set it up for your exact requirement. Our gaming solutions are ideal for:


Elevate your gaming to the next level. Customize your gaming PC to be faster and more responsive than the competition. Stream, game, and win consistently.

Day Traders

Every second costs money. Buy and sell instantaneously. Customize the ideal day trading machine. Connect it to your trading software of choice. It's all about the bottom line.

Business Executives

Don't let the plain vanilla computer get in your way. Personalize the perfect work machine to increase your speed with work docs, websites, and your everyday tasks.

Video Editors

Customize the ideal video rendering system. Focus on your creativity while we design a system that will run your creations.


Personalize the perfect custom computer to easily run Zoom, Google Classroom and remote assignments. Enable quick Internet and email access too.

Remote Workers

Remoting in will never be easier with state-of-the-art webcam video access and industry-tops network internet card and WiFi speeds. A Custom remote PC will achieve this.

Our Past Projects

Want to build your dream computing experience?

Schedule a phone chat or consultation at our repair center to customize your PC.

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