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Cyber Security Protection Plan

This plan is for you if you constantly get viruses, pop-ups, browser re-directs.  Or if you want to prevent hackers, ransomware and overall protect your files and computer.

The Traditional Way

Install multiple software applications on your own that slow down your computer. Pay as you go.

Reactive Virus Protection

Reactively attempt to remove viruses

Got a virus?  Pay out of pocket for a security company to remove it for each virus outbreak.

Lots of extra fees

Pay extra for firewall & security protection

Typically, firewall, VPN, pop-up blockers and other apps are extra costs.


Traditional security software is slow

The old way installs the full suite of anti-virus software and security add-ons on your computer.  Your whole computer is slowed down.

pay per issue

Pay every time for an issue

Got a virus every few months?  Pay every time.

The New York Computer Help Way!

Our security team installs everything for you and takes care of you any time for one monthly fee.

Proactive virus protection

Proactively remove & protect against current and future viruses

Constant monitoring, monthly reporting, easy remote fixes, and one low monthly fee.

All-in-one solution

All security software is included

You’ll receive anti-virus, firewall, VPN, patch management, browser extension security, and content filtering.

light-weight -> fast

Experience cloud speed

We don’t weigh you down with heavy apps.  Instead, our security apps are stored on our cloud server for you.  That means more speed for you.

One Monthly Low fee

Simple affordable billing

Pay one simple low monthly flat rate fee to remove current and future viruses & malware.  Get a complimentary install.

New York Computer Help - Cyber Security Protection Plan

Security Protection Plan for your Computer or Device.
Protect your computer from viruses, spyware, browser redirects, and malicious threats

Only $25 per month for the year

All security protection services are covered within the policy

Prone to getting viruses?  Sleep well at night knowing we’ve got your back.

A known security threat – we will ensure your operating system and software is fully up to date and patched.

Prevent malicious external traffic and black-hat users.

Hide your online activity from hackers.  Use public Wi-Fi safely with a secure connection.

Your operating system and software will be automatically updated with the latest and versions and updates.  Dated points of vulnerability will be eliminated.

Block certain websites.  Good for child-proofing or keeping your computer focused to the tasks required.

Remote installs, security fixes, virus removals and updates will be done proactively and upon request.

Receive emailed reports to know if any security issues were tended to and what protection was required.

Why Choose New York Computer Help?

NYCH Norton McAfee Best Buy Another Tech Shop
Simple flat rate - monthly fee
Free setup
Cloud solution -> No slowdown
Actual techs (not just software)
No out of pocket expenses
Remote support included
Complete Cyber Protection
Choose between remote or walk-in
Covers new and old devices
Walk in to a repair center (no shipping)
Love your local NYC business


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